"Created from necessity to live a better life, our goal is always on the horizon."


CANOE was started with the simple idea to make better shoes with natural materials. Founder and industry veteran Mark Britton has designed for the industry for over 20 years and experienced first hand all the corners cut by the big brands. He wanted to put the maximum comfort, performance and versatility into a shoe and make new classics that fit the versatility that life demanded.

We create premium sustainable shoes that balance performance and comfort; versatility and purpose to live better.

CANOE was founded by ex-adidas designer Mark Britton in 2018 in Santa Barbara, Ca

The name was landed on from the idea of self propelled, natural transportation. 


For 20 years Mark Britton has been a part of some of the best brands and fastest growing businesses in the footwear industry. Having designed best-selling shoes, marquee products for professional athletes, and new commercial opportunities as both an in-house designer and consultant he has made many businesses successfull and in 2018 decided to create CANOE.

Mark traditionally works in all things footwear, but has also had success designing bags, furniture and homegoods (A’Design award Gold), toys, consumer products, and graphics. His favorite work is all about moving the needle- creating pinnacle product, breaking new ground or taking function or aesthetics to the extreme. It’s all about finding the right balance of brand, innovation, and style for everything he works on.

His interests outside of footwear and product design are photography (www.travelxdesign.com), bonsai (Bonsai Club of Santa Barbara Vice President), and running. He regularly enjoys challenging his experiences, abilities and knowledge with things like post-secondary courses, motorcycling from Mexico to Canada (and back), 24 hour drawing sessions, marathons, half’s and 10k’s and learning new skills like bonsai, and leather-work. Like cross-training for the athlete, these pursuits add to, and inform his design work.

Mark Britton is a 2004 graduate of the University of Cincinnati DAAP Industrial Design program and he currently resides with his wife, daughter and son in Santa Barbara, Ca.